Tips for owning a brand new freehold in Eunos, Urban Treasures

Tips for owning a brand new freehold in Eunos, Urban Treasures

As Singapore market becoming one of the top choice for property investors, many wants to know how to own a freehold property in Singapore. Here are some of the latest tips:

How to pick your lawyer for your property transaction?

To buy a new house, of course, is a wonderful thing, but follow-up would also like to do a series of legal formalities, then you’ll have to hire a lawyer to deal with a property you buy real estate’s legal documents. I believe in you, when purchasing properties in your real estate agents, banks have to offer you a lot of real estate property lawyer exchange, here’s How to help you select a balance between cost and quality of tips:

Pay with cash payments or Provident Fund (CPF)?

Hiring a property lawyer exchange to help address some formalities of property law is not a small sum of money, NZ from 2,500 to 4,000 more ranging from NZ. Anyway, you can avoid it from your bank account directly to pay these costs. First of all, I need to talk to such a law firm consultant, to see if they can stop by the Provident Fund (CPF) payments. Some firms could use to fund to pay with cash or transfer money, there are a number of ways to pay.

When you’re likely to encounter this kind of situation: The moment you have to choose between two law firms, A law firm, at a cost of $2000 in cash, but you will have to pay fees or bank transfers, B firm’s 3,000 new costs, you can stop by the provident fund CPF to reimbursement. In this case, how do you choose?

For such a situation, depending on your current state of the economy, cash flow. If your hand off, has solved the renovation of existing housing, furniture, etc., then you can pay in cash, in the middle can also save on the 1000 block of money, and you’re the CPF also could in future be diversion or a mortgage. On the contrary, you buy a house, renovated by activities such as payment after a large amount of cash, funds and stressful situations with the best choice for CPF to pay.

Take for example, the newly launched Urban Treasures at Eunos is one of a freehold property at an attractive price. To own a freehold condominium is not hard. Most property buyers in the market just need a good lawyer to represent them and oversee the whole transaction. Most of the time, will need actual advices to home buyers. This is also depending on the type of property purchases, if you buy is a developer of his new house, you don’t need a large, a brand of law firm. Small, specialist law firms will be able to resolve, and smaller companies are also relative cost no more than a large law firm. Because the new house, no one had lived on the house, there were very few transactions, which often are simply too high, there is no risk, so small law firms will be able to help you solve, while lowering costs.

If you have purchased the property is resold overseas units, or in the house, you might want to choose a slightly large law firms, because it might be relatively complex, large companies often give you the time more money, and they experience is also very rich. There is also, if you buy a property through private contracts, for example, you are paid directly to the seller for the month, rather than through bank loans / financing, it is recommended that you just hire thought large property lawyer exchange to help you do these procedures.

When comes to applying a loan for new launches, Urban Treasures is one of the best choice in terms of progressive payment when comes to mortgage instalment. When you want a bank to apply for a loan to buy the property, and the bank is likely to recommend to you exchange a property lawyer. However, it’s time for you to be aware that you don’t need to necessarily choose the recommended firms. You can find a home in the bank’s Board of Directors of the firm to handle property procedures.

In addition, avoid choosing only the board of directors at a bank of any real estate company, and when you’re refinancing, we also need to find another company to take over, it also means the charges again. So the choice of such a company at the time, whether they know it is best to consult with a number of banks to cooperate.


You have entrusted property lawyer exchange should not just checking documents, they should help you read every terms and explain it to you. They also have an obligation to buy an option since the service began to verify that the contract would not be good for you (for example, there is a clause allows the seller to walk away from and Don’t pay any fines, etc.)

In addition, if developers on your property lawyer exchange should also mean you solve developers, for example, there is no time to explain that the house has a flaw, you are allowed to claim their law firm, you also need to help you complete.

Make sure you retain the property lawyer to exchange your phone can respond in a timely manner and are willing to provide useful advice.

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