Freedom living in a Freehold condominium in the East – Urban Treasures

Freedom living in a Freehold condominium in the East - Urban Treasures

Fragrance Group Executive Chairman, CEO and founder James Koh found Earth Lord Peel under an altar in the concrete pavement, he stormed out of the Urban Treasures Sales Gallery. he asked workers to help him get a pile of plaster, and from his Rolls-Royce in the concrete pavement, a shovel and smooth. Prior to workers in the trowel., he had done a lot of work.

Back to Urban Treasures Showflat, Koh said he saw Earth Lord had moved into place now, because he thinks it gives this place brought “a sense of peace.” until after the migration, he was not aware of spalling concrete.

Fragrance Group in a year and a half ago in the collective sale price to $220,000,000 purchased is located in the building,  former Eunos Mansion land plot. Based on 1.6 plot ratio and 10 per cent of the additional balcony space, the land of the purchase price per square foot to the floor area ratio (psf ppr) $1,118.

The old residential building has been demolished to build the upcoming Urban Treasures. The freehold property covers an area of land of 111,735 square foot at Jalan Eunos.

The rare to come by of a large land size with a freehold status is a real treasure. In such a place, you can have a lush landscape, a large swimming pool, wading pool, gym, tennis court and all the other apartment facilities, which are not available in the small town.

The project has the area from 452 square feet to 1,270 square feet between the ages of one to four bedroom units. reference price per square foot from $1,830, this means that a room starting at $ eight, three-room starting at $1,180,000.

“The search for clues.”

PropNex Realty is one of the marketing agency for Urban Treasures. Designated three marketing agencies, Ismail Gafoor from PropNex Realty, its chief executive, said: “This piece of land to the volume of approximately every square foot of $1,118 price levels, now sells for every square foot of $1,830, a fact that suggests that developers are moving from the current market environment in the search for clues.” The other two home is a marketing agency ERA Realty Network and SRI.

Ismail added that urban treasures is believed to be in the suburbs or centre, but its proximity to areas beyond the outskirts of the city centre or the boundaries of the region (referred to as RCR).

RCR in the East region, such as Parc Esta at Eunos which is walking distance to Eunos MRT station sits on a land tenure of 99-year leases for the project. Since its launch a year ago, the development had already sold 913 units, the average price per square foot to $1,675.

Located in Paya Lebar Central, Park Place Residences, is also a project on a 99-year lease, and is considered to be a project, it is with RCR Paya Lebar Metro transfer straight answer to a comprehensive development of part of the project. The project has a total of 429 units per square foot suite, with an average price of $1,875 sold. In fact, many are located in Park Place Residences unit price per square foot than $2,200, one of the bedroom in April 2018, the highest price per square foot to $2,281.

“Freedom of investors”

Mak from ERA, he said, “Those who live in Urban Treasures in the East with the low-rise private homes where people might be interested in buying them, but the project is also likely to attract buyers from further afield. There will be some buyers, especially those who are not bound to investment and buying a home, they are looking for people who are considered to have good potential appreciation potential rent or own projects. ”

Monday, 18 November night, PropNex Ismail of the Urban Treasures sales had arranged a consumer workshop. He pointed out that permanent property to attract not just to live near people’s private property, such as live Jalan Punai, Jalan Rimau, Foo Kim Lin and Teo Kim Eng Road, and people who live in the 15th district have been built by the private property of persons is Frankel and opera.

In Urban Treasures of a bedroom to four bedroom apartments, some 48 set is a studio or one-bedroom condominium, the area from 452 square feet to 517 sq ft, no, no, wait, is an area of 10 sets of the 1,270 square feet of four senior living apartments, mostly three-room and three bedroom apartments, a standard also have advanced.

The three-room area from 646 square feet to 721 square feet, three bedrooms and not from the area of 883 to 1,012 square feet each.

Fragrance Group, said the units are designed to be the most efficient. He said that because the project was designed to be both a 12 storey building, which takes up about 30 per cent of the area, which means that 70 per cent of the space and facilities can be used for landscape. SAA architects – Surbana Jurong, served as a member of a group of architects, the design of Ecoplan Asia’s urban treasures landscape designer.

“Slow” is not a problem

Koh said: “Urban Treasures is a real gem. It was near a subway station, there are two restaurants, supermarkets and schools Jianshi Shishi; Changi Airport takes only 10 to 15 minutes, to the central business district just 10 to 15 minutes. ”
He’s making his Urban Treasures end-of-year tour, although it is traditionally a slow period of time.

The Propnex Ismail added: “usually in November and December, sales momentum will Zhaoc, because people are making plans for the year-end holidays. However, when an item is ready to start, it would be preferable, instead of waiting for its introduction. The project could be delayed until next year, in terms of its impact would not necessarily have that different. “

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